Action 2 – Monitoring of project effectiveness

Activity 2.1 – Definition of the Action’s Monitoring Protocol – will define the parameters to be used for the monitoring of each action composing the core part of the project (actions 3, 4, 5). In terms of parameters a method of calculation will be defined to assess the quantity of saved waste through the implementation of each core action. In terms of methodology a procedure to be followed to evaluate the effectiveness of each action will be defined; this procedure has to specify how partners have detected the identified parameters. This methodology has to be included in the Waste reduction plan / Memorandum of understanding – commitments for subscribers foreseen in Action 4 and in the Action’s Monitoring Protocol.

Activity 2.2 – Definition of Project’s Monitoring Protocol – analyses the initial situation of waste production and disposal in the Municipalities participating to the project and involved in the experimentation foreseen in Action 4. Levels of waste production and disposal will be monitored and evaluated during the implementation phase and at the end of the project. The final stages of evaluation will be 3: an analysis of the existing context, an in itinere evaluation and a final evaluation. This assessment will be implemented according to the defined Project’s Monitoring Protocol.

Activity 2.3 – Identification of benchmark performances – The analysis of best practices conducted during Action 3 will lead to the detection of optimal performances to be reached through the implementation of each type of action. This will imply the definition of benchmarking parameters to assess the effectiveness of project’s actions. The target performances (benchmarks) will also be used to establish a specific communication campaign addressed to costumers/citizens (foreseen in Action 4); this communication campaign will clearly inform citizens about the results that will be reached if each one of them would participate to the proposed actions (for example buying products without secondary packaging or detergents sold in bulk).

Activity 2.4 Evaluation of project actions’ effectiveness and fine tuning of Monitoring Procedure – Following the experimental action linked to the Waste reduction plan defined in Action 4 the activity 2.4 will bring to the definition of the Activity Effectiveness Evaluation Report, comparing the reached performances with the benchmarks set in activity 2.3. This assessment will allow the fine tuning and the final check of the Monitoring Protocols set according to activity 2.1 and 2.2. This will lead to the definition of Monitoring Protocols for both project’s actions and the project itself. These Protocols will be included in the Guidelines foreseen in Action 6 – Dissemination. The evaluation of actions’ effectiveness will be developed through the analysis of results reached not only in terms of waste reduction, but also in terms of environmental and economic benefits obtained (reduction of energy consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions, economic saving generated by a different life cycle of products etc…). The evaluation will also foresee an analysis of the participation and satisfaction rating of consumers addressed by the actions. This analysis will be conducted through specific sample surveys and it will be useful also for the evaluation of communication tools developed during project implementation.

This action will be carried out from 01-02-2012 to 31-12-2014.

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