Action 3 – Mapping of waste reduction in mass retail channels projects

Activity 3.1 – Organisation of the mapping activity will start by preparing data collection sheets; these sheets will be shared with partners. The aim of the data collection sheet is to detect waste reduction projects realized directly by MRCs or in cooperation between Local entities and mass retail channels. These sheets will collect data such as: actors involved, activities implemented, signed memorandum of understanding (if any), objectives of the projects, time, expected results and reached results, monitoring system, project communication plan and how consumers/citizens have been involved.

Activity 3.2 – Research and analysis of best practices of waste reduction in mass retail channels – This research will focus on waste reduction projects implemented at 2 levels: one directly by MRC and one in cooperation between Local governments and MRC. The first group’s analysis will imply a review of the existing bibliography and web-sites, surveys and interviews addressed to the main MRCs. The latter group analysis will be implemented through preliminary internet and bibliography review, surveys and interviews addressed to the Local governments. This phase will imply an identification and research of case studies which will generate the definition of benchmark at the national and EU level, setting the framework for the benchmarking of project results ( to be conducted as a technical monitoring and evaluation of project effectiveness – Action 2).

Activity 3.3 – Facilitating best practices exchange and synergies among projects: events and meetings between BP representatives and local authorities partners will be planned and managed with the aim of highlighting how within the different case studies analyzed the different points of view of the various stakeholders have been considered. Following this the meeting will be extended to local stakeholders using specific facilitation techniques.

Activity 3.4 – Virtual platform for project networking aims at developing a tool supporting a continuation of contacts and possible synergies among actors, such as a virtual platform dedicated to exchange information and deeper analysis to be coordinated by the responsible of the action. This tool will be hosted in the project’s website.

This action will be carried out from 01-02-2012 to 31-05-2013.

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