Action 4 – Testing of a Waste Reduction Plan for mass retail channels

Activity 4.1 Review/ integration of the Municipality of Trento’s Waste reduction Plan. The already existing Municipality of Trento’s Waste reduction Plan for mass retail channels will be revised on the base of results emerged from Action 3 through a process of involvement of the main stakeholders, which must contribute to the implementation of the Waste Reduction Plan (actors of the mass retail channels, consumers’ associations, environment associations, social voluntary…); this will be possible also through the realisation of events between developing subjects of the best practices foreseen in Action 3.

Activity 4.2 Definition of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of experimental implementation for the application of the Action Plan in MRC on sold items. The MoU will establish the commitments to be undertaken by all the stakeholders involved. The experimentation will involve, through the partners, local MRCs: one or more events have to be organised to present the project and its general and specific objectives. The aim of these meetings is to reach a complete agreement on the set objectives, in order to sign a Memorandum of Understanding through which each involved subject commits itself to reach set objectives.

Activity 4.3 Testing of “Waste Reduction Plan” at local level in the involved territories. The presence of Coop Nordest as associated partner guarantees, as minimum results, the experimental implementation of the Plan in its own stores but the desirable objective is to test the Plan in other mass retail channels located in the involved territory. To advertise the implementation of the Waste Reduction Plan MRCs are free to produce all the communication material that is considered appropriate; in addition, the local government collaborating with the MRC in the implementation of the Plan will equip all the participating MRCs with standard communication material, the same for each MRC involved. Each MRC will have the possibility to implement a personalised communication campaign.

Activity 4.4 – Final survey carried out at the end of the pilot experience (survey/interview), will allow for the evaluation of the campaign’s effectiveness and for the detection of new necessities or problems. The collected and analysed information will be evaluated also by actors involved in the initiative: the interpretation of reached results and of possible criticalities will be essential to update and eventually modify the project.

Activity 4.5 Definition of an implementation model for dissemination to support local governments when planning similar processes, through a series of indicative steps extrapolated and integrated from the experimental experience and from the resulting remarks.

This action will be carried out from 01-08-2012 to 31-10-2014.

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