Action 5 – Reuse market analysis – Feasibility study of a reuse centre

The Activity 5.1 – Reuse market will analyse the potential reuse market at local level: it is necessary to realise this analysis before proceeding with the feasibility study on the reuse centre. The analysis will be based on the adoption of statistical and economic analysis tools to be applied to the reuse reality.

Activity 5.2 – Reuse centre Feasibility study: after analysing the reuse market’s potential, a Business & management Plan for the collection centres, based on the activation of the Reuse chain, will be performed. The Feasibility Study will foresee the establishment of a reuse centre equipped with spaces for reuse activities (laboratories and sale). The feasibility study will allow for the drafting of a project of a local reuse network, that will be part of the Declaration of Intent to be signed, as foreseen by Activity 5.3, between parties involved. The physical implementation of the reuse network project ( including the set up of all centers) represents a future investment (after the project’s end) to be implemented with the joint commitment of the parties. The network structures will be implemented only if and when the Italian legislation will allow the reuse system or make it compulsory.

Activity 5.3 – Definition of a Declaration of Intent for the local level. After the analysis of the reuse market, if the results are positive and demonstrates the benefits deriving from the establishment of a reuse centres’ integrated system, a Programme Agreement will be drafted and signed, in order to commit interested parties to the future implementation of this system. The involved parties are: local governments (Municipalities, Provinces, Region, MRCs, waste management utilities).

Activity 5.4 – Lobbying & Elaboration of guidelines this action will imply the lobbying for the actual creation of the reuse center and will produce a set of guidelines supporting local authorities and MRC in developing projects for the creation of similar centers. These aretools to be used for lobbying for the actual creation of the network and of the centre.

This action will be carried out from 01-08-2012 to 31-10-2014.

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