Action 6 – Communication and dissemination

Activity 6.1 – Communication Plan and Communication Material. Within three months since the start of the action a Communication Plan will be defined, listing all communication material to be produced and instructions to be followed by partners.

Activity 6.2 – Creation and updating of the web-site. Project website is planned to be a permanent communication and information platform of the project. It is the key tool for the communication with stakeholders and will host the platform for projects networking.

Activity 6.3 – Project Guidelines. The strategy defined for the implementation of the Waste Reduction Plan in MRCs, the market analysis and the feasibility study of a re-use centre, the Guidelines for lobbying activity defined in Activity 5.4 together with the project reached results will be illustrated by the final guidelines. Guidelines will be an operative document with the aim of giving, to the target public (other local governments, MRCs and Public utilities), practical and detailed suggestions to successfully replicate project actions in new local contexts.

Activity 6.4 Networking: the cooperation with other key organisations, experiences and projects will play an important role in the enlargement of relationships’ networks and will be functional for the implementation of actions 3 and 4 and for the development of an effective dissemination strategy.

Activity 6.5 – An AFTER LIFE communication plan will be adopted according to the requirements and common suggestions established by the European Commission. The plan will set out the actions to continue to communicate and disseminate the results of the project after the end of financed project itself.

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